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  • DraperCAST # 16 – May 13, 2005

    Posted on May 17th, 2005 Sallie No comments
    Greetings DraperCAST listeners! Friday, May 13th was my (Sallie’s) 40th birthday and was ultimately celebrated with a surprise party which Kevin arranged in my honor at church. Before making our way to the party, we stopped by Best Buy so I could spend my birthday money on a digital recording device called an iRiver. We then went out for a nice dinner and our DraperCAST was recorded at the restuarant while we were waiting for our supper. This was before we went to the surprise party.

    Sorry for the delay in posting it. I guess when you turn 40, you slow down a bit! Hope you enjoy the silliness!

    Visit Sallie’s blog, “The latest from SallieD!“, for photos of the party fun.

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