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  • May 2005 News

    Posted on May 31st, 2005 Sallie No comments

    Happy Memorial Day! Welcome back to the Draper’s Diary! We’ve had a jam packed month and have tons of news and photos to share that this month’s Draper’s Diary! We hope you enjoy it.

    Early in May we participated in the annual Seminary Call Day 5K Predicition Run/Walk. Before the race, we predicted how long it would take us to complete the course. Kevin and Stanley decided to run while Sallie, Luke and Benjamin walked (and really didn’t complete the entire course – but had fun anyway). As it turned out, Kevin and Stanley came in within 1 minute of their predicition (32:47) and Stanley won as fastest child and closest child to his predicted time! Way to go – Stan the Man!

    After the run, the guys celebrate with Joshua Yu, a Seminary senior.

    Joshua’s first call is to St. John in Wauwatosa, WI.


    The first few weeks of May are always a special time at our house. In two weeks we manage to celebrate both Kevin’s and Sallie’s birthdays, as well as their wedding anniversary (12 years) and Mother’s Day to boot!

    As if all that wasn’t special enough,this year was an extra special year for me (Sallie) – I turned 40 on Friday the 13th!! The day was incredible -start to finish. At work there were yummy birthday treats, lunch out to celebrate, wonderful gifts and flowers! At home, Kevin and the boys took me out to dinner at a new Mexican restuarant and stopped off at Best Buy so I could buy a new toy (iRiver MP3 player/recorder) with birthday money from generous parents! You can listen to our first remote DraperCAST podcast recording made at the restuarant while we were having dinner.

    How could it get any better??? But it did . . .

    After supper Kevin announced he had to “stop by church” for a paper. His grin at this point gave him away. When we arrived at church, he needed my help finding the right paper, and I walked into my surprise birthday party. What a wonderful treat!!! About 25 people gathered with us to celebrate in the church basement where Kevin had decorated (complete with a crown for me), prepared great food (with the help of several good friends) and put together a “This is Your Life” a slide show. It was so awesome, and I enjoyed every minute of it. There were many special gifts, but Kevin surprised me by having my flute refurbished and with a Katie Luther bobblehead – a companion to his Martin Luther bobble head I bought him a few years ago! Another special treat was that our parents “attended” via stand-up photos created by Kevin’s parents for the occasion.

    I will always treasure the memories of being “Queen for the day”!!


    Kevin explains how I met Mr. Right who was

    * Handsome
    * Intelligent
    * Strong
    * Rich
    * Famous


    It took a while to light all of those candles!


    May continued at a breakneck pace. We were happy that we resolved our housing issues for vicar year on both ends – we found a returning senior family to rent our house in Milwaukee while we are away and we found a beautiful duplex in the country to rent during our year in Sun Prairie. We made two trips to Sun Paririe to find and secure the housing. This allowed us the opportunity to worship at Peace, where Kevin will serve as a vicar beginning in August. After worshipping there and having the opportunity to get to know Pastor and Mrs. Werre a bit more, we are more excited than ever to be a part of this wonderful congregation! Here’s a few photos of our new home.

    May marked the end of another year of school for all of the Draper boys. Kevin’s school year ended with a push to complete 4 big papers. He got them all done (and planned a surprise party for Sallie in his spare time) and was happy to be finished!

    Stanley finished the school year with studies of the United States. He did a special project on Oregon and learned all the state locations and capitals. He is starting his summer off with lots of reading, currently making haste through “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis.

    Luke’s end of the year Science study was on the rainforest. We enjoyed “Rumpus in the Rainforest” – a fun play and party. Listen to some audio highlights from the party.

    Benjamin finished his Pre-K year with a picnic. Next year he will be a kindergartner!

    May also brought us wonderful house guests from the Ukraine! One of Kevin’s classmates, Brian Diring (another second-career student), took an emergency call to teach Greek in the Ukrainian Seminary this past school year. During his time in Ukraine, God blessed Brian with the gift of a Ukrainian wife, Oksana. Brian and Oksana were married in January. They are visiting America this summer and our house was their first stop.

    We enjoyed our time with them, learning a lot about the Ukrainian culture, food and language. What a treat! Listen to our DraperCAST featuring an interview with Brian and Oksana.

    That brings us to the end of our May recap. We look forward to a busy summer as well. Besides preparing for and moving to Sun Prairie we are planning some time at Camp Phillip and in Branson with Sallie’s parents. Kevin and Sallie will be working at this summer’s Synod Convention while the boys vacation in Texas with Kevin’s parents. Perhaps we will see you along the way!

    God bless and keep you until next time!

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