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  • Question of the Week #1 – 11/05/05

    Posted on November 5th, 2005 Sallie 7 comments

    What’s your favorite thing about November?

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    7 responses to “Question of the Week #1 – 11/05/05”

    1. The frenzy of the day-after-Thanksgiving sales.


      I love to search through the ads the night before and head out early in search of a bargin or two. People are a little crazy that morning, but it is fun to be out in the crowd just watching and feeling the excitement. I miss shopping on this day with my sisters, as we have enjoyed many of these days together.

    2. I always like Thanksgiving lunch because that is when we have corn pudding which I really like! We also have it on Christmas and Easter too – so I like those months for the same reason.

    3. Thanksgiving feasts!

    4. My Birthday!

    5. Turkey!

    6. Thanksgiving, which means we get to spend time with family and friends!

    7. i like the colder weather and the trees when the leaves fall!

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