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  • Sunday School Christmas program introduction

    Posted on December 18th, 2005 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Sunday School Christmas program introduction

    Our message this morning spans all of time. We begin with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the first promise of a Savior. We follow this promise as it travels like a pilgrim through time until it finds its fulfillment in a manger in Bethlehem. Finally, we look at ourselves and all Christians throughout the ages – we are all pilgrims as we travel on this earth waiting for our Savior to return at the end of time.

    We begin in the Garden of Eden where God created two trees. He told Adam and Eve they could eat the fruit of the Tree of Life, but they should not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If they ate the fruit from that tree, they would die.

    Of course we know that Satan tempted them to eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He told them they would be like God – they believed him and they ate the fruit. You might hear someone say, “What’s the big deal? It was just a piece of fruit from a tree?” But it was more than just eating fruit from the tree. By eating fruit from this tree they were showing that they believed Satan and what he said about the tree. They demonstrated that they chose not to believe what God said about the tree. By eating the fruit they were claiming to know truth in spite of what God said. In a fact they were telling God, “I know better. I know what’s best for me, God, and you don’t.”

    Ever since that time everyone who has ever lived on this earth, except Jesus, has claimed the same thing. Every time we sin choose not to believe what God says about sin. We put ourselves above God and, in fact, make ourselves into a god. No one by nature trusts God or believes in him. We all think we know better.

    Back in the Garden of Eden what God said about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was true. Adam and Eve did die. It was immediate. The moment they stopped believing what God said about the tree and trusted Satan or their own feelings they were spiritually dead. They were separated from God – the source of life. Now that they disobeyed God, the death of their body would also eventually come. Adam and Eve needed someone to save them. They needed a Savior

    The same is true of each one of us. We were spiritually dead, separated from God. This meant that we were destined to spend an eternity separated from all of God’s blessings, in other words we were destined for hell. We needed someone to save us. We needed a Savior – that is exactly what God promised. He promised to send a Savior to make us spiritually alive again and connect us again with God and his blessings.

    This morning we will follow that promise God gave as it appears throughout history. We will hear how God promised the Savior over and over again, generation after generation, adding more and more details about the Savior to come. This promise was like a pilgrim traveling through time until finally it reached its destination and the promise was kept. Now that our Savior has come we are like pilgrims on this earth, waiting for our Savior to return and take us to our true home in heaven.


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