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  • January 2006 News

    Posted on January 28th, 2006 Sallie 3 comments

    Our vicar year is half-way over!  Wow!  It seems like we just arrived in Sun Prairie and already we are half-way done.  We are enjoying our time here immensely.  Vicar is extra busy these days – preparing for and teaching Catechism and Adult Bible Information Class (4 hours each week) plus increasingly more preaching opportunities.  Be sure to check out his recently posted sermons in the Sermon category.

    The boys are busy with lots of fun activities as well.  The entire school is preparing for a musical – The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf – complete with 50’s style songs.  The story is about the Big Bad Wolf being on trial for all of his evil deeds throughout multiple fairy tales.  Ben and Luke are members of his “Wolf Pack” and Stanley is the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” and is working on a solo part for one of the songs.  The play is scheduled for early March.

    Exciting news for Benjamin – he is learning to read!!!  We are all so proud of him.  A new homework project for him is reading an assigned book each day.  He has only been doing this for a couple of weeks, and he sounds like a pro.  🙂

    All of the boys received excellent report cards this week.  What a blessing that they are learning so many things.  We have just finished listening to Johnny Termain and that has sparked an interest in the Revolutionary War era.

    Mom’s work keeps her busy.  Something new that is now part of is the Through My Bible in 3 Years feature where users can subscribe for daily e-mail delivery of NIV Bible readings in the three-year series.  One advantage of working for WELS is learning about the many great resources that are available.  This week I was able to give a brief presentation on WELS mission work in Bulgaria for the Peace Ladies Aide group thanks to world mission resources available online as well through the WELS Kingdom Workers Mission Information Center.  What a blessing!  My latest read is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People – a classic!

    Thanks to the recommendation of our Sun Prairie friends, the Patterson’s, we have discovered a great strategy board game called Settlers of Catan.  You can read all about it in Wikipedia.  We actually started with a simpler version of the game called Settlers of Canaan – a family Christmas gift – and we all loved it.  The premise of the game is that you gather resources (cards represent wood, grain, wool, ore and rock) to build roads and cities.  You can advance your efforts by being a shrewd trader.  There are multiple strategic avenues that you can pursue as well.  There are even expansion games that allow for many more options.  We’ve all enjoyed playing (Benjamin even beat Mom and Dad in a highly competitive game last night) and look forward to many interesting games in our future.  Here’s a photo of the Draper men enjoying a serious game:

    Settlers Men

    Another great game we were introduced to by Jane Wade, Stanley’s 5th grade teacher at Peace, is Court Whist.  This is a “mixer” card game for a group.  Each round consists of four hands with different twists of the rules thrown in to make it interesting.  In one round, your team score is awarded to the other team – so you effectively try to loose.  In another round you are penalized if you talk (very hard to avoid after chatting it up the whole game!!).  At the end of each round the teams are scrambled so you play with several different partners throughout the night.  We played with a group of 16 – four tables of four – and at the end of the night Jane had prizes for the highest and lowest scoring male and female.  What fun!  Jane shared the rules and score cards so I thought I would post them here in case any of the Draper’s Diary visitors want to give it a try:

    It seems that all we do lately is fun and games since I have yet another new hobby we have started to share with you – Geocaching.  We read about this world-wide treasure hunting game on and had to give it a try.  We use a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to search for hidden caches.  The caches we’ve found so far have been hidden quite well in parks in the Sun Prairie area.  The web site has the coordinates needed to get you close to the cache, but the real fun starts then.  The caches contain a log book and small trinket type treasures for trading – we put something in and then can take something out.  My first cache treasure was a 3 inch plastic Rabbit figure from Winnie the Pooh.  🙂  Here’s a photo of our “geoFish5” (Matthew 4:19) team:


    Finally, there are a few things I want to point out on the Draper’s Diary. 

    1. Please check out the other entries as we have posted several items this month.  I still plan to do this monthly update entry each month but we are also enjoying posting little entries throughout the month.  There are new photos, videos and a new year’s countdown podcast for your enjoyment.
    2. This month we’ve added an e-mail subscription feature.  Enter your e-mail address in the notification box on the right, and you will receive e-mail with the entire Draper’s Diary post as soon as items are posted throughout the month.  Currently I e-mail many friends and family with a link to the Draper’s Diary each month, but this subscription will allow you to get e-mail directly from the Draper’s Diary computer system each time anything new is posted.  And, the e-mail will have the full text and photos included so you won’t have to visit the site to read and see our latest news.
    3. A reminder that you can add comments to any post on the Draper’s Diary using the “Comment” link in the title area of each post.  Comments are not posted immediately since we want to moderate to keep out SPAM comments.  So if you add a comment, you will see it on the web site in 24 hours or less.
    4. Another reminder that we would love to have all of our site visitors on our Frappr map.  Give it a try – it’s pretty cool!
    5. We’ve changed “Question of the Week” to “Question of the Month”.  Please add your answer to this month’s question.

    I guess that’s enough for this month’s update.  May God bless and keep you all until next time!

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    3 responses to “January 2006 News”

    1. Jennifer Kluender

      Sally or Kevin,
      Hi! We are almost there! This is our last semester here in New Ulm. It looks like we will end up in Hartland or Sussex. We need an all day kindergarten for Grace and the only school we found that has that is in Hartland. Do you know of any other schools that have all day kindergarten??? I was wondering, how do I copy what you do on your website? I would love to do this for our frinds and family. Does it cost money to have a site like yours?? Have a great day!

      Jennifer Kluender

    2. Hi Jenny,

      Great to hear from you. I know your excitemnet must be mounting as the MLC graduation draws near.

      While in Milwaukee, our church membership was at Bethlehem in Germantown/Menomonee Falls – . The congregation has two locations and the school is split Pre-K to 4th in Germantown and 5th to 8th in Menomonee Falls – giving it a small school feel even though there are 200+ students. They have half-day Kindergarten, but they also have an awesome day-care on site so the kids who need a full-day solution just walk down the hall to day-care when Kindergarten is over. Two of our boys were in day-care there and loved it. The entire school is excellent!

      Hope this helps! God’s Blessings!

    3. Jenny,

      I realized I didn’t answer your questions about our web site in my previous response. Sorry about that oversight.

      We are using blogging software to do the site. We do pay some domain and hosting fees to have the site, but there are many free services on which you can create a blog. A couple of the popular ones are and

      Send me a link if you create a family blog!

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