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  • Travel Bugs

    Posted on April 8th, 2006 Sallie No comments

    Soon we will be taking our geocaching ( fun to the next level by setting some Travel Bugs free on an amazing race.  Travel Bugs are really serialized dog tags which you can buy for $5 from the geocache store.  When you buy one you actually get two – one to send out on an adventure and a second to keep.  Travel bug owners typically attach the bugs to a trinket or a keychain, give them a name and a goal (like visiting and being photographed at certain landmarks), and “drop” them in a geocache to begin their cache hopping journey.  Whenever they are picked up from one cache and dropped in a new geocache, the miles they have traveled and their new geocache location is logged on their own web page.  The owners of the travel bug even get e-mail letting them know of the bug activity.  Very cool!

    We found our first travel bug a few weeks ago.  It was named “Shop “Til You Drop” because it was attached to a Bloomingdale’s keychain. 

    We ordered 4 travel bugs a while back and today we shopped for something to attach them to and activated the bugs.  Each of our bug crew now has it’s own web page and is ready to begin their adventure:

    We decided it would be fun to see whose bug travels the farerest this summer.  We’ll keep you updated on their progress! 

    The Crew


    The Crew


    Our Bugs and Dog Tags


    bugs and tags
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