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  • The results are in

    Posted on July 7th, 2006 Luke No comments

    Luke Draper here. Recently I asked Draper’s Diary readers to take a survey which I created. I thought it was time that we reported the results:

    • Fourteen people from 5 states took the survey. Half of them live in Wisconsin, followed by 21% in Texas. We even had one respondent from Indonesia!!
    • Draper’s photos, mothly update and sermons were most popular.
    • Most people had either 2 or 5 members in their family.
    • Favorite sport – Football
    • Favorite colors – a three-way tie – Red, Green & Blue
    • Eight people live near water. Someone said the closest water was sprinklers and swimming pools 🙂

    We had fun reading all of the comments that were added. One person asked for more details about geocaching. We explained it somewhat way back in January 2006. It is basically finding hidden “treasure” (usually in the form of a tupperware container) in the woods (or other places) using a Global Positioning System (GPS). More info is available at

    Thanks to everyone who took my survey. If you haven’t taken yet, its not to late. It was fun to see the results!

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