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  • Auto-bio poem by Stanley

    Posted on November 20th, 2006 Stanley 1 comment

    Thin, reader, tall, and ferocious
    Son of Kevin and Sallie
    Sibling of Luke and Ben
    Lover of recess, a good meal, and some desert
    Who feels happy at recess, glad in the summer, and sad when summer ends
    Who finds happiness in books, chocolate, and his grandma
    Who needs a dog, some love, and a new game
    Who gives the dog food, water, along with a treat
    Who fears the Devil
    Who would like to see Jesus
    Who enjoys recess with friends
    Who wears jeans and a t-shirt
    Resident of Milwaukee

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    One response to “Auto-bio poem by Stanley”

    1. Hi Stanley,
      You just painted a picture of yourself in words. How Great, I really enjoyed them and makes me feel real proud of you. Good Job!
      Love You Much & send “BIG HUGS.”
      Paw Paw

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