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  • Come Geocaching With Us

    Posted on November 25th, 2006 Sallie No comments

    We spent some of this years’ Thanksgiving holiday hot on the trail of several Germantown, WI geocaches. For those who are new to the term, geocaching is an global treasure hunt where participants search for logged caches using a GPS receiver. The official web site for geocahing,, explains it this way:

    What is Geocaching?

    Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a gps unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache.

    So on Thanksgiving day our family, also know as team geofish5, along with our team mascot, Casey the Wonder Dog, set out to find more caches in one day than we had ever found before. Our previous record had been six caches in one day. We took along our video recorder so you could enjoy the experience with us and perhaps be motivated to try geocaching yourself, if you haven’t already.

    Warning: The following video contains geocache location “spoilers”. Do not watch if you plan to geocache in Germantown, WI. 😉

    Come Geocaching With Us (.wmv – 28 MB)

    Come Geocache With Us video
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