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  • November 2006 News

    Posted on November 30th, 2006 Sallie 1 comment

    Welcome back to the Draper’s Diary. We’ve had another busy month. Wow – senior year at the Seminary is flying by. Now it is less than six months to graduation! Kevin continues to preach on a monthly basis in Lake Geneva. This month when we were there, we got a special treat because it was Camp Phillip Sunday. We got to sing all of our favorite camp songs. What fun!! In addition to preaching in Lake Geneva, Kevin also preached at Grace Lutheran in Sugar Bush (north of New London), WI. This congregation has adopted our family for all four years at Seminary, a wonderful blessing to us! This is the third time we have visited there for Kevin to preach and each time they have had a potluck meal after church for us.

    We were busy with other activities this month as well, including geocaching and Luke’s class sining for the Veteran’s Day celebration in Germantown, WI. Read on for more about these events. We enjoyed attending the Forensics meet at Luther Prep and catching up with many of our Sun Prairie friends. We especially enjoyed ice cream with the Werres and Bastians at Mullen’s afterwards. Yum!

    We surprised Ben and his best buddy Andrew with a Star Wars birthday bash. Our house was a tangled web of laser beams, and all the kids had to untangle the mess. We all had a very fun time. Ben and Andrew loved their Star Wars cake and both are enjoying Lego Star Wars II video games.


    We’ll close this quick update and look forward to our December Christmas news coming soon! God bless and keep you in his tender care!

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    1. We loved the snow day picture – however, the Werre kids are all jealous, since they did not get off of school!!!!!!!

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