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  • Luke’s Prized Wood Models

    Posted on May 24th, 2012 Luke 2 comments

    This summer Thursdays belong to Luke.  He is a creative kid, so you can expect to be entertained!

    Today he decided to kick off his summer by sharing a few of his favorite wood models … in video. Enjoy!

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    2 responses to “Luke’s Prized Wood Models”

    1. Grandma and Papa

      We agree with you Luke, it is pretty cool! You did a good job with your presentation.
      We enjoyed it a lot because we were fortunate to see you build some of it.
      Love from us.

    2. Dear Luke, I enjoyed your showing of all your fine, colorful, wood models. You sent me a beautiful yellow & blue-winged butterfly that matches the collection. I think it is awesome and am saving it to go with the collection.
      I also enjoyed your thank you note I received this week. You are a very telented young man. Love, Nana

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