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  • Ben Programmed PacMan

    Posted on June 12th, 2012 Sallie 2 comments

    Try out Ben’s new PacMan games, programmed in Scratch. Use your arrow keys to move Pac Man around to eat all the red pills and gain points. The larger blue power up pills allow you to eat ghosts for a period of time while they are flashing. They are worth lots more points!  Any other time PacMan loses a life if a ghost touches him.  He has three lives, and then the game is over.  Beware, the ghosts get faster each time you clear the screen of red pills.

    NOTE:  The games start automatically so you’ll need to press the stop sign icon in the upper right to pause them.  Make sure you stop one so the other will play faster.

    The first version has a special feature.  When you loose your three lives and game ends, you can start it again and the score will add on to your previous game score.  It’s like when you can put in more coins and continue play on an arcade game.  If you really want to start over at zero, you can do that by pressing the Reset Score button.

    Learn more about this project

    The second version, PacMan Extreme doesn’t offer that feature.

    Learn more about this project

    We want to know your high score in the second game, so leave us a comment!

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    2 responses to “Ben Programmed PacMan”

    1. Grandma and Papa

      WOW! Ben this was pretty neat. You did a great job, I bet you had fun putting it together.
      Grandma and Papa

    2. fun, Ben ; )

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