The Draper's Diary
August 2001

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

August 15, 2001 - Hello again to all of the visitors to the Draper’s Diary.  What a thrill it is for us to stay in touch with you all this way. We can’t believe it has already been over a month since we left Texas. We were blessed to have Kevin’s parents here with us until August 9th.  They worked so hard on our home, it is almost unbelievable to us how much they accomplished.  The crowing achievement was the basement improvements.  In order to fully apprciate it, you have to see a few “before and after” pictures. 

The stairs down were very uninviting.  There were big holes in the walls that needed patching, etc.  In the photo on the right, Kevin is working on carpeting the newly updated stairway.  HUGE improvement!!

The basement was damp and not well lit.  There was no ceiling, just beams from the floor above, lots of wires, pipes and spider webs!  The walls had lots of missing plaster. The main room was closed off by a center wall and had a huge hole in the wall for accessing the crawl space under the house (TONS of spider webs there!!!)  The “mechanical area, which has the furnace, water heater and water softener was out in the open. The floor was concrete.  Pretty yucky and not a place I wanted to be!

The basement transformation began when Jack and Judy knocked out the center wall that blocked off the main room.  They built a wall to close off the mechanical area and built shelves for storing our extra boxes. They painted and patched all of the plaster, even reinforcing and covering the hole into the crawl space.  They hung flourescent lights, covered the ceiling and even built a drop down ceiling over the pipes to conceal them.  The final touch was the carpet.

Now we all LOVE the basement.  The boys were thrilled to set up the train table, after all the months they could not play with it.  I set up my keyboard down there.  And, the basement is the official home of all of our Legos. When I asked Luke and Stanley what was the best thing that happened this month for inclusion in the Draper’s Diary, they both agreed it was the basement, their new favorite place!

With only twelve days until school starts at MLC, Kevin worked his last full-time day for IBM today. This has been a very busy month on his job and he has put in some long hours. Thankfully, they have passed a major milestone and things have relaxed a bit. Kevin will be working 20 hours a week starting tomorrow.

We enjoyed outings to the library, puppet shows, playgrounds and the beautiful German Park in town, where the city puts on outdoor concerts each week.  This is a shot of the “Bavarian Music Meisters” as they entertained. What a pretty spot - one of our favorites!

Stanley had a big month. He turned six on July 26th, met his first-grade teacher and lost his first tooth! Here’s a picture of our toothless boy.

Yesterday we enjoyed an outing to the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  What a place that was!  Here’s a picture of the boys and their new treasures from the mall, bought with birthday dollars from Nana and Pawpaw.

We are thankful this month for our time with Jack and Judy and for the many improvements they made to our home!  We are also thankful for their safe journey back to their home in Texas.  We are still praying for a buyer for our home in Texas. We know the Lord will work that out for us at the proper time. We look forward to a visit in late September from my parents, Nina and Pete, who plan to ride the Amtrack from Brookhaven, MS to Minneapolis! What a trip! The boys ask everyday if it is the day to go the the train station for Nana and Pawpaw!

It’s almost back-to-school time. Kevin & Sallie start classes on August 27, Stanley on September 4, and Luke on September 10.  Tune in next month to see if we all survived the first day!!! We love you!

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