The Draper's Diary
September 2002

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

9/1/02 - Hey everybody! Here’s a early news flash for September. Click here to download the video of Luke blowing out the candles on his 5 year old b’day cake!!!

9/22/02 - Greetings from cool New Ulm. Tonight the low temperature is supposed to be 41, and the high temps this week are predicted to be in the low 60s! What a change. Fall has arrived and the leaves are beginning to turn.  Of course, school is in full swing and our lives are very busy with lots of activities.  We will call roll:

Kevin is enjoying his semester thus far. He is taking both a interpersonal communication class and a speech class and is so far meeting the challenge of speaking quite often.  He is also, of course, taking his second year Greek and Hebrew classes and enjoying them.  This year they are doing quite a bit of translating from the original text of the Bible. Pretty amazing in just one year to be a that point!! He is preparing his first “sermonette” and will conduct the MLC evening chapel service October 10th, a priveledge given to the Senior pastoral studies students.  Graduation from MLC became more of a reality last week when he had to be measured for cap and gown. Yahoo! May 17th is the date!

Sallie is staying busy with telephone insurance work, Bible study, exercise, and lots of kids activites. Also this month she programmed two new web sites.  They are Blades By Byrd (handmade knives by my brother-in-law) and Blooming Where I’m Planted (crafts by my dear friend Susan Rogas, a fellow sem cert wife from Texas). And, Sallie has started a craft venture of her own, Rag Rug Crossing (photos coming soon to the web, of course).  She is crocheting fabric rugs and has been accepted to participated in a New Ulm craft fair in November.  Staying busy keeps her out of trouble! ;-)

Stanley is enjoying second grade.  He is off to a good start with two A+ grades on spelling test.  He says he really likes spelling a math.  He is starting his second year of piano lessons and is also involved with Pioneers at St. Paul’s Church. He put a lot of thought into starting his own Internet business (since Mom can do a web site for him) and came up with the idea of selling pictures of trains for $1.  Our little entrepreneur/artist! He will have his own page on the Rag Rug Crossing web site, because some of his drawings are the business logo.  So much for lemonade stands - now 7 year olds can sell on the Internet - HA!

Luke had a birthday this month and is now a big five year old. He is enjoying Pre-K.  He recently started violin lessons.  This a very exciting thing for him, and he is enjoying it very much.  He is doing very well, and we are quite proud! He LOVES Legos and is quite capable of navigating the Lego web site to bring up all kinds of information on his favorite sets or characters.  He is also very good at building some really imaginative creations.

Benjamin is our big boy these days, as he has left his diaper days behind. We still have a few bad days now and then, but for the most part his is very good about going potty!!! Yippee - after 7 years of diapers, Mom and Dad are very proud! He is also quite the talker. He is enjoying play time with Luke more now that Stanley is in school.  And, he loves to go to the library for story time and to work puzzles.

Well, I guess that wraps up another month. We pray that you all are enjoying a wonderful fall.  The Lord is so good to us and we thank and praise him for the many blessings he has given us. We are counting you among those blessings!  Please come back next month for more news.


We had quite the butterfly garden!

Kevin’s school picture.

Stanley and his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Schroeder.

Benny bought this Lego airplane with his own money. Even though he is two, he enjoys playing with his big brother’s toys.

Luke and Dad get in some violin practice time.  They start with a pretend “box” violin in order to learn the proper way to hold it and stand. We expect to be using a real violin in October!

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