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Play with one more deck of cards than the number of people playing.  Include Jokers.

Shuffle all decks together.

Deal 2 stacks of 14 cards to each player.  Remaining cards are split in half to form two draw piles.

Pick one of the stacks (your "Hand") and play it out, then play second stack (your "Foot").

On each turn draw one card from the top of each draw pile, lay down any sets of three or more, then discard one

Alternatively, on your turn you may pick up the top seven cars from the discard pile, but you must play the top card immediately.

Only one wild card is allowed on sets of three.  Continue to build the sets up as you obtain more matching cards.

If in using up your Hand, you do not have a discard, you may immediately play your Foot.  You must have a discard to complete play on your Foot.

If another player goes out, all of the points you are left with in your Hand and/or Foot count negative against you.

Point Values


Wild Cards

Red 3 = -500
Black 3 = 0
4 through 7 = 5
8 through King = 10
2 and Ace = 20
Joker = 50
Black Canasta
(Up to 3 Wild) = 300
Red Canasta
(No Wild) = 500

1st Hand = 50
2nd Hand = 90
3rd Hand = 120
4th Hand = 150
Red & Black Canasta required before going out in 4th Hand


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