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  • July 2001 News

    Posted on July 19th, 2001 Sallie No comments

    July 19, 2001 – We’re residents of Minnesota!  We left Texas on the 12th and arrived at our new home on the 13th of July.  There are still many boxes to unpack, but the house is really shaping up nicely.  We owe a huge thanks to Kevin’s parents, Jack and Judy, who are our resident contractors and have so far completly transformed the boys room and our shared closet, hung new blinds in the office and installed a garbage disposal. We are so blessed to have them here to help us get settled.Here are some pictures to show you the progress:
    The boys room had dark paneling and a faux brick border.  It also had a multi-colored shag carpet. Yikes!


    Boys Room Before

    Now the boys room is cream colored with mustard colored trim.  The brick trim was painted cream then brushed with the darker trim color. We took out the carpet and revealed a wood floor. We covered most of it with a throw rug.   What a difference!! 


    Boys Room After


    Living room looking into the kitchen.  



    New stove – still to come, a range hood with a shelf for the microwave over it. 



    Lego boys! 

    Lego boys

    Kevin is hard at work in the office.  We got new mini blinds and valances for this room. A big improvement. Lots of unpacking yet to do! 


    Kev's work

    Our move was long. The drive through Kansas City at rush hour was stresful. We were really thankful we had two-way radios to communicate with each other. The major casualty of the move was our brick mailbox in Texas.  It was crashed when Kevin pulled the moving van out of the driveway. 

    We were greeted by many friends here and they immediately set to work unpacking our van. It was overwhelming!! Kevin spent a few days in Appleton, WI attending and presenting at WELS Tech 2001.  It was a great experience for him, but we are happy he is home again. Today was his first day of tele-commuting to IBM.  It went well too.

    The boys seem happy to be here and really like their room. It has been joyful to get out some toys that have been packed away for quite a while.  They have made several new friends and enjoyed two trips to the library already.  Today we went for Story Time and that was a lot of fun. We have also checked out the the downtown area, both grocery stores, KMart and Target.  We also walked through their school, which was very exciting. Luke and Stanley can’t wait to get started!  Tonight we drove to the local state park and bought a pass.  There is a filtered swimming pond with a sandy beach. We will enjoy that!  There are also two wading pools in town which we need to check out. And, many playgrounds to try.

    The basement improvements are next on the list.  Jack and Judy have lots of ideas for that.  We got the dehumidifier working tonight and hope that will help.  Make sure to check our news next month for an update on the projects! Bye for now from the Minnesota Drapers!