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  • August News

    Posted on August 31st, 2004 Sallie No comments

    It’s hard to believe that summer is over already and our boys are back in school! We made the most of this last month of summer, as our pictures below will reflect. Highlights of the month included a bit of home remodeling (Design on a Dime!), a camping weekend at Camp Phillip, a trip to the zoo, and a girls night out for Sallie!

    We celebrated a very special day when Stanley graduated from Vision Therapy. We are so proud of the tremendous progress he has made in training his eyes to focus properly! We enjoyed a family trip to the bowling alley in honor of his 9 months of hard work!

    Sallie had the chance to join Susan Rogas and her girls at the Clay Aiken concert (free tickets!) and it was a blast. If you are a Clay fan, you would have loved it.

    Kevin started school last Thursday – his “middler” year at the Sem. This marks the beginning of the 2nd half of our journey. Three years down and three to go. This year he will be writing LOTS of papers. This should keep him busy and out of trouble. He continues to coordinate nursing home devotions weekly at two different homes. This year part of his class requirements will have him teaching 7th and 8th grade catechism.

    We were excited to get a family membership at the local YMCA. It gives us all the opportunity to get some exercise, including racquet ball and swimming.

    There are lots of pictures to share with you this month. We hope you enjoy them and come back again next month for more. Peace through Jesus!


    Our kitchen – BEFORE – One wall was brick.  It was very dark and no fun at all to stare at a brick wall everyday while washing dishes.


    AFTER – Kevin took out the brick, did some sanding and painted the wall to match the rest of kitchen. Total cost – $0.00!!! We found old paint in the basement! Now it is much brighter!


    A special night out with other second career wives.

    L to R:  Sallie, Susan Rogas, Stephanie Burk, Sue Rosenau, and Arleen Bolwerk

    Their friendship is a true blessing!



    Stanley and Kevin test their skills at archery at Camp Phillip.


    The boys get a bit close to this wolly fellow at the zoo!


    Back to school – August 30, 2004

    Benjamin is in Pr-K 4 and daycare this year.  He’s pictured with his daycare provider, Mrs. Reedy.


    Luke is a 1st grader this year!  He is in Mrs. Weber’s 1st and 2nd grade combined class.


    Stanley is a 4th grader in Miss Ratzburg’s class.

    God bless all teachers and students this school year!