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  • True Love is Sometimes Tough Love

    Posted on August 30th, 2008 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Based on: Matthew 18:15-20

    True Love is Sometimes Tough Love
    (.mp3 – 6 MB)

    When you think about love and what the Bible says about love, what parts of God’s Word come to mind?  For most people 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is the first thing they think of – “love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does no boast.”  After all, Paul, in very elegant and sublime prose, defines love.

    But what about Matthew chapter 18?  It is also a chapter about love.  Read Matthew chapter 18 for yourself and tell me if you don’t think it is true.  In verses 15 to 20 of Matthew 18 Jesus tells us that sometimes true love is tough love.  But more about that later, first, a story!

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  • Back to School

    Posted on August 26th, 2008 Sallie No comments

    A new school year is underway for our boys.  Here are a couple of images from the first day.

    First day

    Boys with teachers

  • What is Your Soul Worth?

    Posted on August 24th, 2008 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Based on: Matthew 16:21-26

    What is Your Soul Worth?
    (.mp3 – 5.54 MB)

    word cloud 080824

    Here is a dollar bill.  By itself it is not going to buy very much, about a quart of gasoline or a small order of french fries.  But if you put more dollars together you can buy more things.  The problem is we all have a limited supply of these so we have to constantly decide, out of all the possible things we could do with our money, what has the greatest value.  The choice can be difficult.  When it comes time for me to buy a new car, do I go to the local Ford dealer in town and buy a minivan or do I really go in debt and get the Ferrari, two-seater convertible that will certainly out accelerate the minivan, but costs five times as much and only gets about 14 miles to the gallon? Perhaps sometimes our choices are very clear.  In our gospel today, Jesus asks us to consider, “What is your soul worth?”

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  • New – Sermon Word Cloud

    Posted on August 16th, 2008 Sallie No comments

    Trying something new with this week’s sermon – a word cloud or visual representation of the words from the sermon.  This was created at  Try it with some text you’ve written!

    word cloud 080816

  • To Know Jesus is to Have Salvation

    Posted on August 16th, 2008 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Based on: Matthew 16:13-20

    To Know Jesus is to Have Salvation (no audio available)

    Every once in awhile I see a bumper sticker where the first line reads, “No Jesus, No Peace.”  The word no is spelled N O, and of course that means that if you don’t have Jesus of course you don’t have real peace either.  The second line of the bumper sticker says, “Know Jesus, Know Peace.”  And the word know is spelled K N O W.  If you know who Jesus is then you also have peace.

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  • The Lukester with glasses

    Posted on August 16th, 2008 Sallie No comments

    As of two days ago, Luke is now a glasses wearer.  He picked out the frames himself, and I think he is proud to look like a brainiac.  🙂

    Luke in glasses

  • Summer Fun

    Posted on August 16th, 2008 Sallie No comments

    There’s only one more week of summer to go before school starts on August 26th.  We have enjoyed a busy and fun summer full of activities including …

    • Russian language camp for the boys
    • Camp Phillip Music and Drama specialty camp for Stanley – with visits with the Werre’s and Burk’s along the way – Mom, Luke and Ben enjoyed the closing play which featured Stanley as creepy Matthew
    • Swimming lessons at the new Sleepy Eye Waterpark
    • A storm with strong winds that knocked down branches and downed our cable/internet connection (Sallie’s nightmare 😉 )
    • Family Bible School featuring Pastor Draper as Tad Venture, hot air balloonist and worldwide adventurer
    • A major remodel and upgrade of our school computer lab – featuring 22 new  desktop computers and a new SMARTBoard
    • Four days at Worship Conference for Pastor Draper in St. Peter, MN
    • Three days at Distance Teaching & Learning Conference for Sallie – including dinner out with friends from Sun Prairie and a beautiful view of the WI state capitol
    • Finding 20+ geocaches

    We’ve added photos of lots of the fun to our online photo album.  Here’s one to get you started and you can check out more on this page.

    Happy reunion

    We are closing out the summer in style with a trip to the Twin Cities and the always popular Sleepy Eye’s Butter Corn Days next week.  Watch for updates!

  • Lord, I’ll take even the crumbs

    Posted on August 9th, 2008 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Based on: Matthew 15:21-28

    Lord, I’ll take even the crumbs
    (.mp3 – 6.4 MB)

    Have you ever had food so good that it you didn’t want to leave a single crumb on the plate? That’s how I felt about the cheesecake I would buy in the a little town called New York.  That’s New York, Texas, not to that other New York on the East Coast.  Every crumb of New York cheesecake was worth eating.

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  • Suffering for Someone Else

    Posted on August 2nd, 2008 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Based on: Romans 9:1-5

    Suffering for Someone Else
    (.mp3 – 4.6 MB)

    A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting a brave little girl who had leukemia.  She was only 8 years old and yet, the amount of pain and suffering that she had endured in her short life was more than many adults that I know.  I am sure that many times her father wished that he could endure the pain for her.  If God would let him he would have gladly taken that burden off of his daughter and placed it on himself.

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