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  • Brown County Free Fair

    Posted on August 15th, 2009 Sallie 1 comment

    We had a great time at the fair last night. First stop were the livestock barns. My favorite had all the poultry. Click the image to view a larger version.


    Next we took in the Combine Derby. Imagine nine decorated combines going after each other until only one is left running. There were some who lost tires and other parts in the process. Our friend Stephanie went along to watch with us, and we all agreed it was pure fun! I think the combine owners in the crowd were pulling for their favorite brand. In the end it was a John Deere that outlasted them all.


    Enjoy the video of the action …

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    We took a few family pics to round out the evening. What fun!


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    One response to “Brown County Free Fair”

    1. I know Steph had a good time! She sent us a video, with something akin to a written play-by-play!!

      We do have lots of neighbors who would have predicted that ‘Green’ would come out on top!

      See you soon!

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