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  • Spending Money

    Posted on August 5th, 2015 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    I have most of what I need from Fastenal. I also purchased a few things from Menard’s. The list is down below.

    I also had to do some online shopping for electronics, motors, and other parts that I couldn’t find locally. I think that I have made all of the major purchases that I need to make. Any other parts that I need will be minor purchases – bolts, washers, bearings, and things like that. Overall the cost looks like it will be around $400 – not including the plastic pieces or the power supply (I already have a power supply that should work.)

    Here’s my shopping list:


    • 44 – 623 ZZ bearings – These are used all over to make sure the printhead moves smoothly on each of the 3 axes
    • 2 – 626 ZZ bearings
    • 50 – M3 nylock nuts
    • 20 – M3 hex nuts
    • 100 – M3 washers
    • 20 – M3 fender washers
    • 20 – M3 30mm cap screw
    • 55 – M3 20mm cap screw
    • 3 – M6 threaded rods
    • 3 – M6 drill rods – These are smooth steel rods used as a track to guide movement along each axis


    • 1 – 3mm plywood (The sticker said 12″x12″, but it was actually 30cm x 30cm). This is more of a craft plywood. It is made of more layers than regular construction plywood and should be stronger.
    • 8 – washers 1/8″ inside diameter, 3/4″ outside diameter – Used to guide the belts along the roller bearings. 1/8″ is about the same size as 3mm and the large outside diameter makes it stick out over the bearing.


    • 4 – NEMA 14 stepper motors (NEMA 14 indicates the size). Wherever I read there were warnings about getting stepper motors that were strong enough – especially with NEMA 14 because these are smaller ones than are usually used in RepRap printers.
    • 1 – Electronics. I am using RAMPS, which you can read about at:
    • 1 – Heatbed – the place where plastic is printed. Read more at:
    • 1 – Extruder hot end – made up of a nozzle, heater, thermistor and more.
    • 3 – End switches – little electronic devices used to tell the microcontroller when the printhead has reached the start position along each axis.


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