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  • The Y-axis

    Posted on August 5th, 2015 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    In school the Y-axis was the up and down line and the Z-axis (when you talked about coordinates in three dimensions) was the line that came toward you from the chalkboard or through to the other side of the chalkboard (or whiteboard for you young whippersnappers!) With 3d printers it seems that Y and Z are switched and the Y-axis is the one moving toward you or away from you as you stand in front of the printer. Either that or the assumed perspective is from the top. I don’t know, but Benjamin and I have done some work on what we will refer to as the “Y-axis” (the part that moves from front to back.)

    This is the basis for the print bed that will hold the work in progress. It starts with four small assemblies with roller bearings that will slide on two steel rods. I had to cut out some 3mm plywood in the correct shape in order to put all of the pieces together. That took a little design work because I had made the printer dimensions wider and so I needed to change the design I saw on the internet. Once the plywood was cut and the bearing assemblies attached, the steel rods were put in place and the whole thing was mounted in the printer frame. It still needs to be centered in the frame and fastened down, and then another piece of plywood goes on top and the printbed is mounted on top of that with some springs – but I’ll wait until I get the printbed before I do all of that.


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