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  • The First Successful Print

    Posted on August 19th, 2015 Pastor Kevin Draper No comments

    Yes, I probably skipped a few posts, but it was really hard to sit and write a blog post when I was so close to being able to print!!!

    I finished the heatbed and the extruder and had it all put together. Here is the whole setup:


    I did some calibrating and picked a small 2cm square and 1cm tall box for my first print. At first I had problems printing more than a couple of layers. Eventually, it wouldn’t print at all. I finally figured out that the upper part of the extruder was getting too hot and it was softening the plastic before it got to the nozzle. As a result, the plastic expanded and would not push through to the nozzle. After several attempts to cool the top part of the extruder, I found a solution that worked and I was able to make a successful print.
    Here is my first plastic “print”.


    There are still some refinements that need to be made to improve quality (for example, the box isn’t exactly 2cm x 2cm x 1cm), but I think I can say I have a 3d printer!

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