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  • It’s that time of year again!

    Posted on November 25th, 2012 Sallie 2 comments

    Thanksgiving is behind us, and we are gearing up for busy Advent, Christmas and New Years seasons. We thought we’d kick it off with a look back at some of our favorite moments of 2012. Get comfy for a 4 and a half minute trip with us through a year full of blessings!

    Bonus video: Watch our stop motion 5 minute Christmas decorating fun!!

  • Happy Birthday Celebration

    Posted on July 8th, 2012 Sallie 1 comment

    We visited one of our favorite restaurants  today … the Solar Drive-In in Springfield, MN.  We don’t need an excuse to enjoy their fabulous food, but today we went in honor of our dear Papa’s (a.k.a. Jack Draper) 71st birthday, which is coming up later this week.  (It seems like we were just doing this same thing.)

    I thought you might enjoy some photos of our sweet birthday boy.  We love you Papa!!

  • Thursday Night Live

    Posted on May 31st, 2012 Sallie 1 comment

    In Draper’s Dungeon right this moment … Minecraft x4 is going on!

  • Christmas 2011

    Posted on December 29th, 2011 Sallie No comments

    Merry Christmas 2011 from The Drapers!

    Break forth , O beauteous heavenly light, and usher in the morning.
    You shepherds, shrink not with affright but hear the angels warning.
    This child, now weak in infancy, our confidence and joy shall be,
    The power of Satan breaking, our peace eternal making! – CW 44

    We pray your life is filled with heavenly light this Christmas as we welcome our Savior, Jesus Christ, and marvel at God’s perfect plan for our salvation, found in the humble manger.

    We love this time of year when we hear from friends near and far, and we love sharing a bit about our lives with you as well. Our 2011 highlights include …

    • Boys – Stanley can drive!! He’s loving his Junior year and excitedly making plans for college. Luke is an 8th grader this year. He’s taken a special interest in building wood models and is running out of space in his room for them all. Ben is in 6th grade and doubles as our stand up comedian.
    • Church – Many memorable events at church this year included a Prayer Pal party, “United Under God’s Promise” Unity Sunday where we took fun rainbow themed photos of members, and an Advent by Candlelight womens’ event this month. Another special highlight was our “Robot Connection” summer Bible camp. Happy, happy! Joy, joy!!
    • School – In May Kevin made it on the local TV news and in the newspapers when he spent the night on the school roof to reward the students for meeting their reading goal. I think he kind of liked it up there!
    • Celebrations – We enjoyed creating a surprise scrapbook of memories for Kevin’s Mom, Judy, in honor of her 70th birthday. We were also honored to be part of the wedding celebration of our co-worker, Stephanie (Zastrow) Arndt, as Kevin got to officiate hers and Dave’s marriage ceremony at the beautiful Chapel of the Christ at Martin Luther College.
    • Travel – We were on the road quite a bit this year … Sallie to Mississippi, Mississippi (Sallie’s Mom, Nina, and sister, Janet) to Sleepy Eye, Kevin and Sallie to Milwaukee for the LWMS Convention, and the family to Michigan for camping near Mackinac Island and a day in Flint with family.
    • Technology – This was the year of the tablet computer for our family. Sallie got an iPad in May and hasn’t been seen in public (or private) without it ever since. Kevin and Stanley added Droid tablets recently, and we are all amazed at the many things we can do with the devices – including the “Instagram”-ed photos on on our Christmas card. This was also the year of Java (programming, not coffee) as Kevin and Stanley collaborated on a few cool projects including our gift to you – an online family photo program. Check it out, and make your very own unique Draper family Christmas photo at

    May God bless you and yours, this Christmas and in 2012!!

  • Saturday morning poetry

    Posted on September 17th, 2011 Sallie 1 comment

    Gone are the days of Saturday morning cartoons that I enjoyed as a child.  Instead, my kids are eager to start their weekend with video games.  Their current favorite is Lego Universe.  And since we’ve connected a “media PC” to our TV, they love to play on the widescreen.

    Of course, they know they have to practice violin before any game play begins.  That’s why I was awakened at 7 a.m. this morning with the strands of Perpetual Motion and with a clicking metronome set at 104 beats per minute!

    When I finally made it downstairs and found the two younger boys enjoying their game, Luke greeted me with this poem he wrote about his Saturday morning experience.

    Hi mom. Hi dad.
    I hope you don’t mind
    that I came down the stairs
    and didn’t didn’t inquire

    as to your opinion of
    the matter which I face.
    Should I come down the stairs
    as if in a race

    to try for the PC
    without even giving
    my brother a chance,
    or would you be naying

    an action so bold …
    instead of staying in bed
    where it’s warm and not cold
    to not hurt my eyes in the midst of my head?

    The bait was too much.
    I came down the stairs,
    but I practiced my violin
    so I need not have cares. 

  • Happy Birthday Stanley!!

    Posted on July 26th, 2011 Sallie 1 comment

    Celebration day –
    Sixteen trips around the sun
    for my dear first-born!

  • Vacation Day 1

    Posted on June 5th, 2011 Sallie No comments

    We traveled to Madison listening to Hank the Cow Dog along the way. We enjoyed dinner at Noodles and a bit of fun in the hotel pool.

    Blogging from the iPad!!

  • Merry Christmas 2010

    Posted on December 9th, 2010 Sallie 1 comment

    Advent Greetings 2010 to family and friends, near and far!

    We pray this finds your hearts preparing for the coming of our Savior, looking at this sometimes mixed-up world through the lens of God’s Word.

    Join us for a photo tour of 2010!

    As we reflect on another year of God’s grace, several highlights stand out:

    • The Draper boys stayed busy this year with a community children’s theater production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, German language camp, and fun at Camp Phillip where Stanley served as a Jr. Staff member for the first time.
    • Speaking of Stanley, he’s enjoying the fact that he has his driving learner’s permit.
    • Speaking of transportation, the boys experienced their first airplane trip this summer when they flew with Mom to Mississippi.  Sallie attended a fun reunion with her high school band friends.
    • We said goodbye to Sallie’s father, Pete Wilson, in May and look forward to a heavenly reunion with him some day.
    • At St. John’s we celebrated our schools 125th anniversary.  Kevin added new responsibilities this fall as he began serving as interim school principal.

    You’re invited to worship with us at St. John’s via our live video stream (

    God’s blessings to you and those you hold dear, this Christmas and throughout 2011!

    Gal 4:4-5

  • For Immediate Release

    Posted on February 3rd, 2010 Sallie 1 comment


    The Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council is pleased to announce that grants of $25,500 from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund have been awarded to students in grades 7-12 throughout the region.  The Youth Scholarships and Mentorships of $500 will provide these students the opportunity to study their chosen art with a practicing professional artist, taking lessons, attending classes, or performing with a youth arts organization.  The Arts and Cultural Heritage fund was created by the people of Minnesota to support the arts and preserve our heritage.  The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, passed by the voters in November, 2008, created new resources for land conservation, water conservation, parks and the Arts.

    The following students will be using their scholarship for piano or violin lessons in 2010 with the New Ulm Suzuki School of Music:  Lydia Balge, Emily Curtis, Stanley Draper, Ellen Goedtke, Mary Goedtke, Erin Hauth, Karlie Heiderscheidt, Luke Irmiter, Micayla Irmiter, Allison Rosenhamer, Kyrie Sellnow, Silas Sellnow and Noah Stocker. Anne Goedtke will take cello lessons and Katie Steffl will take harp lessons from independent instructors.

    Anne Goedtke, Ellen Goedtke and Mary Goedtke are from Comfrey. New Ulm youth are: Lydia Balge, Luke Irmiter, Micayla Irmiter, Allison Rosenhamer, Kyrie Sellnow, Silas Sellnow and Noah Stocker. Sleepy Eye youth are: Emily Curtis, Stanley Draper, Karlie Heiderscheidt and Katie Steffl. Erin Hauth resides in Springfield.

    Prairie Lakes provides grants for arts activities including dance, music, theater, literature, and visual art classes and exhibitions. March 1, 2010 is the next deadline for $500 Small Arts Projects by community groups and Arts-In-Education school residency grants.  Grant program information and applications are available at or contact Brenda Flintrop, Executive Director, at the PLRAC office in Waseca, 1-800–298-1254 or for information.  The PLRAC serves a nine county area in south central Minnesota.

    Brown County Youth Scholarship Arts and Cultural Heritage Grantees

    Brown County Youth Scholarship Arts and Cultural Heritage Grantees

    Row 1 (L to R): Allison Rosenhamer; Karlie Heiderscheidt; Kyrie Sellnow and Noah Stocker. Row 2 (L to R): Brenda Flintrop, PLRAC Executive Director; Judy Martens, PLRAC Board Member representing New Ulm; Stanley Draper and Denice Evers, Springfield, PLRAC Board Member representing Brown County.

  • Welcome 2010

    Posted on January 1st, 2010 Sallie No comments

    The Draper boys enjoyed a fun game of Dungeons and Dragons to kick off the new year (Click to view large).