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  • Pink … the Verb

    Posted on May 22nd, 2012 Sallie No comments

    2012 has been the year of PINK in the Draper household.

    But I don’t meant the sweet color.  Nope, we’re talking the verb pink which means to pierce or punch (thinking PINKing shears).  My boys, led by Luke, have taken pinking to mean poking and our lives are full of surprise pokes constantly.

    In honor of this irritating tradition, we’ve declared today PINK haiku day.  Here’s an Ode to PINK x5 Drapers.

    Benjamin –

    Red and white makes pink
    Pink is very annoying
    ‘Cause my brother pokes

    Luke –

    Pinking is poking
    I like to pink my brother
    Because he pinks back

    Stanley –

    Oh Luke, my brother
    How I detest this pink thing
    Which you invented

    Kevin –

    Not only a noun,
    Pink is also a verb.
    Luke, stop pinking me!

    Sallie –